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Professional help through life's challenges... 


Jorge Lopez


0400 713 310

JL Counselling ​PO Box 1731


Who can benefit?



As the ultimate aim of counselling is to promote greater personal fulfilment and provide the tools for creating more positive life experiences, anyone wanting to improve their quality of life will benefit from counselling.

People may seek counselling for a variety of reasons. For example, they may be dealing with

one or more of the following:

  • Anxiety (including phobias and panic attacks)
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Relationship issues (marriage, family, work...)
  • Health issues or disability (e.g. vision loss)
  • Pain management issues
  • Addiction issues (e.g. drug, alcohol)
  • Eating disorders
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, abuse)
  • Anger management difficulties
  • Communication problems
  • Cultural adjustment issues.

If you are experiencing difficulty in any of these areas, counselling can provide the opportunity for positive change and a restored sense of peace and direction in your life.

Emotional Wellbeing










       Substance Abuse


       Impulse Control

Adjustment Issues

       Post-Traumatic Stress

​       Grief and Loss


Vision Impairment & Blindness

       Rehabilitation Counselling

​Bilingual Counsellor


Why Counselling?


We all experience times in our lives when certain challenges seem overwhelming or difficult to work through. Our usual coping skills and techniques  may be challenged by new, lingering or extreme circumstances, and frustration, anxiety and uncertainty about ourselves or a situation may leave us feeling 'stuck' or overwhelmed.

At these times, talking to a caring and experienced Counsellor can help us gain greater understanding of the issues we are facing and help us to approach them in a new and constructive way.

By increasing insight into our patterns of thinking and their effect on our feelings and behaviour, it is possible to understand how negative patterns may contribute to problems in our lives and in our ability to cope.

Counselling enables us to use this new insight to 'reframe' past or present issues and develop more constructive thinking patterns, allowing us to regain control over our thoughts, feelings and actions, and strengthening our ability to navigate effectively through life's challenges.

Counselling Areas

News & Information

How to Manage Stress 

Watch this space for links & information about the latest research, events & opportunities in the Brisbane area to enhance your psychological health & wellbeing...



Volunteer coordinators of a number of Vision Impaired Support Groups based mostly in South East Queensland meet on the fourth Monday of the month every four months to discuss service provision and program activities. Coordinators of the groups bring ideas and experiences to share with other coordinators to provided each other ongoing support and assistance with the running of the groups. 

For more information with regard to groups activities please contact: Jorge Lopez

on 04007 13310 or by email on or directly to coordinators


2022 Meeting Dates: 

March 28th; July: 25th; & November 28th

Coordinators Contact Details:

Bald Hills and Pine Rivers: Maureen & Michael: 0412 876 915 -


Bribie Is: Dorothy and Fred: 07 3410 0319 -

Ipswich: Les: 07 3202 3966 -

             Val: 07 3288 2689 -

Redcliffe Blind and Vision Impaired Community: Michael Arndt: 0417 633 738


Southside: Peter & Lyn 07 3345 7421 -


Wheller on the Park - Chermside: Brian 07 3350 2862 -

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