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FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions​

How do I make an appointment and do I need a referral?

You can phone (or email) anytime to set up an appointment. However, to receive Medicare cover, you would need a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your GP. Other private health or work cover programs do not normally require a referral for rebate purposes, but you may wish to check with your particular health or funding program.

Note that if you have difficulty establishing contact yourself, a carer, family member, friend, treating GP, Social Worker, etc., with your consent, may phone/email on your behalf to organise a therapy interview and assessment at a time convenient to you.

Note that domiciliary (home-based) counselling services are available to people unable to access a counselling venue due to illness, disability or psychological factors.

Am I eligible for a Medicare or private health care rebate?

If you have a Medicare card and your GP considers that your mental wellbeing is being affected by personal challenges and that your mental health would be improved by attending therapy sessions, you can qualify for up to six sessions a year (plus an additional four review sessions in special circumstances). If you dont have a Medicare card but are a member of a private health fund, you may qualify for a Private Health Rebate for Psychological Services if this is part of your policy.

How long is an appointment and how many might I need?

An appointment normally goes for 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes slightly longer for an initial assessment. Your GP may recommend a total of six sessions, followed by four review sessions in special circumstances, per year. How many sessions a person may need depends on the individual case, and is usually decided with you at the time of the assessment.

What is the Privacy Policy for information covered in a session?

The information disclosed in a session is private and confidential and is not provided to any person, organisation or agency (other than your referring GP, if agreed upon) without your written consent.

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